Sunday, July 10, 2005

Get in touch while you are far away.

Problem: I'm just move to a new and have problem to get in touch with all my friends. I don't want to spend so much money.

Option Solution:
1. Use the phone and rang them if you free using the ring ring card or i talk. Its quite cheaper than using your mobile phone and ended up your total balance declined in a huge rates. *regrets*
2. Write letter (if you think it not outdated) or write an e-mail once a day.
3. SMS (Short Text Message) each others in the convenience of you bedroom or maybe your living room or sacrifices the comfort and sit in front the computer and chat using yahoo messenger, ICQ, MSN or IRC. (Watch out for the bill if you use dialup better apply for Streamyx)
4. Plug a headphone and microphone to you computer and don't bother to pressing the keyboard. Still comfortable level is low. You might as well plug a webcam to your computer and you can talk to each others face to face.
5. Get a 3G or GPRS hand phone and pay the expensive phone bill but you will get the satisfaction, comfort and lifestyle.

This are some (might have more) option for you to get in touch with friends with some help of computer technology. Some of the option doesn't need us to spend too much money to it. Still it not really considers cheap thou.

Most of people will choose option 4 because it is the cheapest (rate/time) way to communicating and keep in touch with your friends. First you can communicate with your friends just like a phone voice via internet provider or audio/video transfer. Still there is a disadvantage because voice and video took a huge chunk of data to be send and users might have a problem of the delay conversation. To overcome the problem, both of the communicator needs to have a broadband connection such as Streamyx.

Here is information about the MSN Messenger's audio and video link via pc.

MSN Messenger Launches Voice and Full Screen Video Conversations