Sunday, July 24, 2005

Blog: An Introduction

Blog, know before as web log is mainstreams of today internet technology. Wikipedia define the birth of blog as
The term "weblog" was coined by Jorn Barger in December 1997. The shorter version, "blog", was coined by Peter Merholz, who, in April or May of 1999, broke the word weblog into the phrase "we blog" in the sidebar of his weblog. This was interpreted as a short form of the noun and also as a verb to blog, meaning "to edit one's weblog or a post to one's weblog". Usage spread during 1999, with the word being further popularized by the near-simultaneous arrival of the first hosted weblog tools: Evan Williams and Meg Hourihan's company Pyra Labs launched Blogger (which was purchased by Google in February 2003) and Paul Kedrosky's GrokSoup. As of March 2003, the Oxford English Dictionary included the terms weblog, weblogging and weblogger in their dictionary.

Wikipedia: Blog

There are many resources about blog in internet. Just open Google search and type “definition blog”, click the search and then it will automatically link you to the right site. Internet changes the lifestyle of today community. I find internet as a very important tools for information searching and interacting with other people. One of the most significant revolutions in internet technology is blog.

Blog is really growing in Malaysia. Once there are only handful bloggers in Malaysia. There are some ideas of gathering all of them but it took many more years before anyone really spent time to do it. The first official portal of Malaysia web log is Project Petaling Streets. Azzanudin Danian the creator of this portal writes in his blog

Project Petaling Street (henceforth known as PPS) is a "blogtal" : a blog portal. In itself, it isn't a blog, but it acts as a portal that aggregates (i.e. mengumpulkan or brings together) the freshest and latest content from a cross-section of Malaysian made, Malaysian maintained blogs.

Volume of Interactions: Launching Project Petaling Streets
Project Petaling Streets: Home

Since that, Malaysian blogger grow day by day. The most famous blog is Jeff Ooi of Screenshots, Kenny Sia of Kennysia, Claire Koo of Minishorts and Peter Tan of The Digital Awakening. There are still more interesting blog that you might discover if you keep visiting the Project Petaling Streets portal. Jeff Ooi writes about news critique and some political review. Kenny Sia tells more about jokes and life. Claire Koo writes what she wants to write especially about her life and express her feelings. Peter Tan, writes blog in the way of Christianity and actually a disable activist lobbying for disable facilities around the city.

Screenshots: Jeff Ooi
Kennysia: Kenny Sia
Clare Koo: Minishorts
Paul Tan: The Digital Awakening

There are other interesting blog to read such as Jesus by Celestine, and he write blog in the Christian perspective. Simply just go to Malaysia Roman Catholic Blogger Network and there are some links to starts and discover more link. I have seen some more Christian blog and unfortunately I forget the address.

Celestine: Jesus!
Malaysia Roman Catholic Blogger Network

My others daily blog link is

Alicia: Applegal's Diary in her Cubbyhole
Sabahan girl study Law in Malaya University for her second year. She write about her study and life in KL, holidays trips and city people and life style.

Michael Ooi: Heavenly’s Blog
Nasty guys write a nasty post in his blog. I think it his way to release all the tension that he felt during work. Once time I pissed him off and he feature a post about me and it’s my first hate blog. I get irritated for a while and get over it instantly.

Huai Bin: Sixseal
A successful computer engineer and a breathing and standing drug test rat lab that test the entire cigarette, alcohols, pills and some other things you never thought off. Still he writes a good review about interesting food restaurant especially in Kuching and Kuala Lumpur.

Michelle: Oey!
I found out this writer is the daughter of my secondary school teacher. Local sabahan writes critique about Kenny Sia and other blogger and recently about her feelings cause she just broke up with her lovely